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Linux Mint 17 installation tutorial – dual boot with Windows 7

Windows 7 configuration for linux install The advantage of dual boot is that you can have multiple operating systems on one computer and if one fails you can always start second system and save your data. Since I already have Windows 7 installed on this computer (VirtualBox) my second system will be …

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Windows 7 installation guide step by step

This “Windows 7 installation tutorial – step by step” will show you how to install Windows 7 and get your system updated. 1. Turn your computer on then press Del or F2 or F12 (depend on your computer’s mainboard) to enter the system BIOS and chose BOOT FROM CD/DVD, save …

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Windows 7 driver installation tutorial

Press “Start” + right click on “Computer” + click “Properties”. Click on “Device manager”. Right click on unrecognized device + Click on “Update Driver Software”. Click on “Browse my computer for drivers software”. Click on “Browse” and locate your driver.  Once it’s done simply click Next and Windows 7 will …

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